It's always good to let you know a little bit about us, so you know who we are and what we do.

What is NetR2.com all about?

The NetR2.com website can help you "Automate Your Internet Life & Save Time Every Time You Go Online" to some degree. You can automate some of the robotic tasks that you do every day when browsing the Internet and save time.

How many websites do you open every time you go online? 3, 4 or more? How do you open them? Why do the robotic task of opening multiple websites one by one? NetR2 (Internet version of virtual Robot R2) can automatically open multiple websites for you in ONE CLICK. Also, you can SAVE all your currently opened websites (in browser windows and tabs) in the Cloud Storage as a Session and open that Session later anytime anywhere in any browser in any computer. (See R2+)

The Basic Features are as below:


Why is the website named "NetR2"?

NetR2 is the "Internet Version of Virtual Robot R2-D2" to help users automate some of the everyday robotic tasks (i.e. opening multiple websites one by one every time you go online) related to "Internet Browsing". R2-D2 (called "R2" for short and phonetically spelled "Artoo-Detoo") is a robot character in all the "Star Wars" films (Wikipedia). But NetR2 is NOT affiliated with "Star Wars" R2-D2 in any way, except that we like R2 so much for being 'awesome' and 'useful', we named the website in its spirit. NetR2 also means "Internet Ready 2 Browse" as quickly as possible everytime you go online.

Why use this website?

Simply put, you don’t have to, but many people all over the world use this site to SAVE TIME by AUTOMATION IN INTERNET ARENA and you can too. It’s FREE and AVAILABLE almost on every major browser, on every operating system, on every device as long as you have internet connection. Our achievement in this area is still in its infancy but we are constantly trying new ways to help users automate everyday robotic tasks related to internet browsing.

How much time can I really save using the site? How much automation or convenience?

Not much yet really. But if you are ‘busy and lazy’ like us then that can mean a lot. Tiny things can add up to bigger and better things. Imagine you can only save about 10 minutes of your life every time you go online (assuming once every day, assuming you are going to live 70 years and only be productive for 50 years), you can add approximately 1 year to your life. How? You do the math. [(50 years X 365 days X 10 minutes)/(60 minutes * 8 productive hours in a 24 hour day) ~ 1 year]. Most of us go online more than once a day, but may not go online every day, and you may do the math in an entirely different approach disagreeing with us, but you get the general idea of saving tiny bit of time. Now you have some extra time to write a book, compose a song, draw a painting or do whatever your heart desires that can make 70 years of your life meaningful. Plus you enjoy the convenience of being lazy and can start to browse the internet faster. Imagine millions of people worldwide using the site can save millions of productive human hours to use for better causes. Still not convinced with our way of thinking? Well, then this site may not be for you. Sorry for wasting 10 minutes of your life.

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Save your bookmarks in the Cloud and open multiple websites by 'One Click'

Visual Bookmarks

Visual Bookmarks

All your regular bookmarks organized in a visual manner like a browser's new tab.



Save currently opened websites in the Cloud & open that Session later anytime anywhere



A web-based Notepad to save all your websites as Notes and "Open All" of them when you want by 'One Click'

Popular Websites

Popular Sites

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