If you don't want to Log In or Sign Up that's cool, you can still use the website with a very basic set of features. But if you do log in, we have some goodies for you.
You can log in using NetR2 local account (recommended) or other external (i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) account, your choice.

Login Using NetR2 Local Account

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Save your bookmarks in the Cloud and open multiple websites by 'One Click'

Visual Bookmarks

Visual Bookmarks

All your regular bookmarks organized in a visual manner like a browser's new tab.



Save currently opened websites in the Cloud & open that Session later anytime anywhere



A web-based Notepad to save all your websites as Notes and "Open All" of them when you want by 'One Click'

Popular Websites

Popular Sites

A few very popular websites that you may be missing out