R2+ or NetR2+ R2+

R2+ adds Jet-Pack to R2 and let it fly to do more.

  • What is R2+ ?

    R2+ (R2 Plus or NetR2 Plus) is a cross-browser extension or add-on that provides users of NetR2.com with additional advanced and unique features (i.e. saving current browsing session in the Cloud, importing existing bookmarks, adding new bookmarks etc.) otherwise not possible with just a traditional website due to internet browsers limitations and restrictions.

    Figure: R2+ Extension in Chrome Browser

  • Why Install R2+ Browser Extension or Add-on?

    You DON'T have to install R2+ to use the NetR2.com website and can keep using the BASIC website features. You DON'T even need to login to use the VERY BASIC website features. But by installing R2+ browser extension or add-on you will get more 'Goodies' and be able to use the ADVANCED & UNIQUE features below:

    • Start Browsing Internet Where You Left Off

      Once R2+ is installed, you can save by One Click all your currently opened browser windows and tabs in the Cloud as Session and open that Session later anytime from anywhere using any computer by One Click. Why spend time and energy doing the same robotic task of opening the same windows and tabs again and again. Start Browsing Internet Where You Left Off.

    • NEVER Loose Your Browser Bookmarks Again, EVER

      Import and consolidate all your bookmarks or favourites from different sources to a Universal Cloud storage accessible from everywhere as long as you have Internet connection and NEVER loose your browser bookmarks again, EVER. You can keep your important bookmarks PRIVATE AND LOCKED UP so that ONLY YOU can access them.

    • Save Bookmark Universally in the Cloud by One Click

      You can add any website to your list of bookmarks or favourities in the Cloud that will be accessible on every browsers, on every devices, and on every operating systems. Saving and finding your bookmarks have NEVER been easier as you can easily "Search".

    • Open Multiple Websites by One Click Avoiding Popup Blockers

      Select any set of websites from your bookmarks or sessions, every time you go online, and open them in different windows and tabs, exactly the way you want. You don't need to PRESS Ctrl [Windows, Linux] or Cmd [Mac] key and CLICK to 'Open All' websites properly as R2+ uses browser's native APIs to smoothly open multiple websites avoiding popup blockers.

  • How to install R2+ ?

    Please install the Extension or Add-on for your current browser:
    (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer Extensions will be added soon.)



Save your bookmarks in the Cloud and open multiple websites by 'One Click'

Visual Bookmarks

Visual Bookmarks

All your regular bookmarks organized in a visual manner like a browser's new tab.



Save currently opened websites in the Cloud & open that Session later anytime anywhere



A web-based Notepad to save all your websites as Notes and "Open All" of them when you want by 'One Click'

Popular Websites

Popular Sites

A few very popular websites that you may be missing out